My biggest problem with being smart so far – overthinking

Sometimes i wonder why is it that smart people are not the most successful. It seems backwards – the one with most knowledge should be able to achieve the most and get on top of the society – but they rarely do. Research conducted on CEOs and successful politicians show that most of them were not the best students in their class. Why? Are they more hard working? I doubt it, because nothing takes as much hard work as learning and honing your skills. Are they more talented? May be, but talent can only go as far as helping you to learn new things, which brings us back to knowledge. So what is it that made smart people unable to succeed? I think there are two reasons, one is overthinking, and the other is failing to adapt.

 Most people have misunderstanding about what it takes to be rich and successful. You can be either one of them or both, it doesn’t matter. I think the main recipe for success is being able to adapt to changing times. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, and rules change all the time. It’s your reaction to the changes that matters and decides your success or failure. If you resist change and expect the world to adapt to you, you’ll most certainly fail, because world will never stop evolving and it will constantly be out of your comfort zone. The other choice is to change yourself for the better to be better suited for competition in constantly changing world. You should never stop learning, even if it is outside your profession.

 The second reason, i think, is overthinking. Even i, writing this article and supposedly knowledgeable about the topic, am guilty of this. It’s so common that i think overthinking must be in human’s nature, because every single one of us is just obsessed about getting everything right and forget about the only thing that matters for success – taking action and actually getting started. Smart people are mostly guilty of this, as they have superior logic and thinking skills and like to practice it at every opportunity. But thing is, that it can backfire, and as the data shows, it mostly does. I’m not saying that reading my 2 cents can change your attitude towards life, i just wanted to share my findings.

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Diaries of a cat&dog person

World seems to be divided in two – people who love cats, also called cat people, and people who love dogs, called dog people. That’s not the case for me – i love both. Don’t worry, this is not another article about how different and original i am, i’m just saying – i love both cats and dogs, have noticed both’s strengths and weaknesses, and wanted to write brief overview of each’s character and nature.

 I get why people love dogs and hate cats and the other way round. Dogs are like nice people – they pay attention to you all the time and never judge you. Cat people would say that it is too much attention and that’s what makes them uncomfortable, and it’s true. Have you ever had that moment when a person was being nice to you for no reason, and at some point, their niceness got annoying? Because you feel like being put on a pedestal that you can’t live up to. Those overly nice people also tend to be clingy and so are dogs. They pay attention to your mood and every move to predict when you’ll be on mood of playing, and even slightest hint can send them off running to you. Well, it also depends on individual dogs. I have two, and while one is exactly as described as above and sometimes annoys me, even though i love her to death, the other is very cat-like dog. She doesn’t crave attention all the time, but is happy when she receives it. It is double edged sword, as sometimes you just want to be left alone and other times you want someone showing their love for you.

 Cats, on the other hand, have more interesting character to me, because they’re not nice or rude, i’d say selfish is the best way to describe them. And if you look at group of my friends, none of them are perfect. I like being around flawed and honest people, and i see that in cats. They don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. They know humans can be manipulated with their cute little paws and they do it without remorse. But my favorite quality in cats is the independence. They don’t need or expect anything from you, except for feeding them once in a while. Dogs are very dependent, so i understand why some people wouldn’t like having them around.


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Why taking a gap year was the best decision i’ve ever made

September 2016. I’m attending good university, studying Business Administration, but i’ve never been more frustrated. I feel like i’m not learning anything, and missing out on good opportunity on the side. So i decide to take a break from studying for at least one year and focus on said opportunity entirely. It seemed like a stupid idea at the time, but something told me to go through with it and i did. Started working on this thing on the side (it’s unimportant what exactly it is, but it was online business – type ) and traveling world at the same time. And it widened my perspective so much. It made me realize that taking gap year is the best thing straight-out-of-school young adult can do, and here’s why.

 I want to start by saying that this is my theory and not actually a scientifically confirmed thesis. I think in 21st century, regular humans are too busy doing stuff to think about what they’re doing. Is it right or wrong, or could they do better. It might seem ridiculous but we’re in such a rush to finish everything and move on to fill our little time by entertainment that we have literally no time to analyze the reasons for our actions. Everyone keeps telling you to work hard and not procrastinate, but in my opinion, it’s actually useful to procrastinate from time to time. And definitely question the defaults. If you don’t know what you want your future profession to be, just don’t pick one yet. If you decide against taking gap year, try to find some spare time to spend on exploring yourself and your needs. What fascinates or motivates you, what problem makes you sad and what are you passionate about. I think these are the questions that you should answer to before going to college.

 I’m also not advocating for anything, but you might not want to go to college at all. It definitely does not work for everyone, and i hate those people who compare themselves to Bill Gates as well, but some people are just not cut out for it. If you’re one of those, it’s totally fine but you should have a plan in place, so you’re not out of college doing nothing all day. If you have no better plan, i think it’s good idea to attend college, even if you hate it. It can act as good safety net and by graduating you’ll make sure you’ll be at least relatively successful in today’s job market.

This is all the advice i had to give, and even though i’m no expert, i think i made some valid points. I hope someone in need of advice reads this and it helps them make right decision.


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My aunt’s method for mincing garlic the most effectively

The simple fact that microplaned garlic is much more damaging than minced isn’t especially shocking in and of it self. Most of us understand that garlic’s strength in a dish is not only determined by just how much garlic there was, however, also the way that this has been prepared: one complete spoonful will deliver less strength compared to the usual smashed one, a smashed clove is going to soon be milder compared to the usual chopped clove, and also a chopped one isn’t as pungent as a chopped or pureed one–that the longer cells we overeat when trimming off garlic, the stronger it’s.

What stunned me, even though, was that the level of gap between finely grated garlic and grated garlic. The microplaned garlic was not only more severe than minced, it had been utterly poisonous. You may conquer a military having its own mustard gas-like punch.

I have been interested about it effect ever since, therefore I determined to dig just a bit deeper using a little more focused testing. The outcomes are all helpful, since they highlight exactly how essential the mincing method is. Deciding whether to finely chopped, smash into a mortar and pestle, proceed through a garlic press, or even accomplish for that microplane isn’t only a matter where you will find most suitable: it could have a large effect on how the food tastes.

In the event you are wondering why garlic scents how it can, the solution is biological warfare. When its cells have been damaged, state, with way of a insect, two molecules, a person called alliin and a molecule termed alliinase develop in connection with one another, and together create a brand new chemical known as allicin, that is accountable for its bronchial, vampire-repelling smell we connect with garlic. The further cell damage which happens, the more the more further allicin is generated, and also the stinkier the garlic becomes more, which explains exactly why one clove could have such varying affect a dish based upon its own form.

Based on McGee, you will find lots of different forces in play which also have an influence on the effectiveness of garlic. Every thing from the wide variety of this garlic, into the temperatures at which it has increased (cold allegedly causes stronger garlic), and what type of fat it has consumed in (butter results in milder garlic tastes while polyunsaturated oils unleash more assertive ones) may change the way that it tastes and smells.

Despite garlic most useful self indulgent efforts, however, we humans can not appear to have enough of this.

To start out with my garlic tasting, then I first wanted to concentrate on the tastes of raw garlic in many distinct ways. I tasted each procedure multiple occasions and in various orders to provide every good shake.

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