September 2016. I’m attending good university, studying Business Administration, but i’ve never been more frustrated. I feel like i’m not learning anything, and missing out on good opportunity on the side. So i decide to take a break from studying for at least one year and focus on said opportunity entirely. It seemed like a stupid idea at the time, but something told me to go through with it and i did. Started working on this thing on the side (it’s unimportant what exactly it is, but it was online business – type ) and traveling world at the same time. And it widened my perspective so much. It made me realize that taking gap year is the best thing straight-out-of-school young adult can do, and here’s why.

 I want to start by saying that this is my theory and not actually a scientifically confirmed thesis. I think in 21st century, regular humans are too busy doing stuff to think about what they’re doing. Is it right or wrong, or could they do better. It might seem ridiculous but we’re in such a rush to finish everything and move on to fill our little time by entertainment that we have literally no time to analyze the reasons for our actions. Everyone keeps telling you to work hard and not procrastinate, but in my opinion, it’s actually useful to procrastinate from time to time. And definitely question the defaults. If you don’t know what you want your future profession to be, just don’t pick one yet. If you decide against taking gap year, try to find some spare time to spend on exploring yourself and your needs. What fascinates or motivates you, what problem makes you sad and what are you passionate about. I think these are the questions that you should answer to before going to college.

 I’m also not advocating for anything, but you might not want to go to college at all. It definitely does not work for everyone, and i hate those people who compare themselves to Bill Gates as well, but some people are just not cut out for it. If you’re one of those, it’s totally fine but you should have a plan in place, so you’re not out of college doing nothing all day. If you have no better plan, i think it’s good idea to attend college, even if you hate it. It can act as good safety net and by graduating you’ll make sure you’ll be at least relatively successful in today’s job market.

This is all the advice i had to give, and even though i’m no expert, i think i made some valid points. I hope someone in need of advice reads this and it helps them make right decision.