World seems to be divided in two – people who love cats, also called cat people, and people who love dogs, called dog people. That’s not the case for me – i love both. Don’t worry, this is not another article about how different and original i am, i’m just saying – i love both cats and dogs, have noticed both’s strengths and weaknesses, and wanted to write brief overview of each’s character and nature.

 I get why people love dogs and hate cats and the other way round. Dogs are like nice people – they pay attention to you all the time and never judge you. Cat people would say that it is too much attention and that’s what makes them uncomfortable, and it’s true. Have you ever had that moment when a person was being nice to you for no reason, and at some point, their niceness got annoying? Because you feel like being put on a pedestal that you can’t live up to. Those overly nice people also tend to be clingy and so are dogs. They pay attention to your mood and every move to predict when you’ll be on mood of playing, and even slightest hint can send them off running to you. Well, it also depends on individual dogs. I have two, and while one is exactly as described as above and sometimes annoys me, even though i love her to death, the other is very cat-like dog. She doesn’t crave attention all the time, but is happy when she receives it. It is double edged sword, as sometimes you just want to be left alone and other times you want someone showing their love for you.

 Cats, on the other hand, have more interesting character to me, because they’re not nice or rude, i’d say selfish is the best way to describe them. And if you look at group of my friends, none of them are perfect. I like being around flawed and honest people, and i see that in cats. They don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. They know humans can be manipulated with their cute little paws and they do it without remorse. But my favorite quality in cats is the independence. They don’t need or expect anything from you, except for feeding them once in a while. Dogs are very dependent, so i understand why some people wouldn’t like having them around.