Sometimes i wonder why is it that smart people are not the most successful. It seems backwards – the one with most knowledge should be able to achieve the most and get on top of the society – but they rarely do. Research conducted on CEOs and successful politicians show that most of them were not the best students in their class. Why? Are they more hard working? I doubt it, because nothing takes as much hard work as learning and honing your skills. Are they more talented? May be, but talent can only go as far as helping you to learn new things, which brings us back to knowledge. So what is it that made smart people unable to succeed? I think there are two reasons, one is overthinking, and the other is failing to adapt.

 Most people have misunderstanding about what it takes to be rich and successful. You can be either one of them or both, it doesn’t matter. I think the main recipe for success is being able to adapt to changing times. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, and rules change all the time. It’s your reaction to the changes that matters and decides your success or failure. If you resist change and expect the world to adapt to you, you’ll most certainly fail, because world will never stop evolving and it will constantly be out of your comfort zone. The other choice is to change yourself for the better to be better suited for competition in constantly changing world. You should never stop learning, even if it is outside your profession.

 The second reason, i think, is overthinking. Even i, writing this article and supposedly knowledgeable about the topic, am guilty of this. It’s so common that i think overthinking must be in human’s nature, because every single one of us is just obsessed about getting everything right and forget about the only thing that matters for success – taking action and actually getting started. Smart people are mostly guilty of this, as they have superior logic and thinking skills and like to practice it at every opportunity. But thing is, that it can backfire, and as the data shows, it mostly does. I’m not saying that reading my 2 cents can change your attitude towards life, i just wanted to share my findings.